Dear Beautiful..

Appearances can sometimes be deceptive
Realities can sometimes be harsh
But whenever You are with me
Appearances fade away in the realities of dreams.

Dear Beautiful,
life gives sometimes someone a perspective unimaginable, unintentional, wholly changing, deeply affecting.
My life was turned upside down the minute I saw you entering the portal of Earth, created, nurtured, grown by the utmost affection of the heavenly creatures with a patience unbound, unheld, entrenched with the beauty of perception.
I really want to tell you that your black eyes have made me lose my mind, flooded my mind with the dreams of life with you.
Hope that you have a wonderful life ahead.

As once said by a lover,

“The beauty of the body fades away but the beauty of the mind reincarnates, rejuvenates and replenishes.”

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