Pen is mightier than the sword

A pen as delicate as a feather, possesses a power mightier than the mightiest of the armies. The tomes of praises a pen can ink are far above what the battlegrounds of the clash of dominance portray in an utter sense of deep understanding, in a vivid scene of imagination of the men who absolved in the feeling of jingoism fight, forget their homes, believe in their ruler, give their lives to the cause that they term as their own.

A pen may have a limited ink but the owner of pen enjoys the freedom of inking unlimited thoughts onto the piece of paper that does not fade away, is freezed in time, creates history, make relationships, identifies the person in the man, locates feelings, isolates goals.

riding a fast paced car is fun. but the time of enjoyment is inversely proportional to the righteousness of intentions”

The pen, because of the power it possesses may become a tool of oppression, of regression, of dominance, of preponderating the century old traditions, change thrones, bring revolutions, generate genocides.

The world is an absurd place where ink can term a person as a thief, hold him guilty, bar him.

Nevertheless, the world is still revolving, carrying on the daily chores, planning,devising, concocting a strategem with it’s very own invention-


The pen although simple it may sound is something that has to be used with caution as something inked cannot be changed and something that cannot be changed becomes History.

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