Reaching out

In life we experience such situations that demand decisions that will become the shaping factor of the results yet to arrive on. These decisions are affected by the previous prejudices, past experiences and above all the result that those experiences bore. The bad ones prohibit any action and the good ones catalyse movement.

The following is a story that I came up with while thinking about the decisions of my life…

Walking down the busy road where the people filled with aspirations, ambitions, desires, objectives, goals were commuting like the busy cars that were destined to reach their destination, their destination being defined by the route they had taken. My normal everyday would start with the usual 7:00 A.M cuckoo sound which would wake me up to the coffee which waited besides the newspaper which my friend would leave unfurled on the little coffee table that everyday bore the brunt of the workload that I would let accompany me to my apartment. Then dressing up to prepare for a war of breads that had to be undertaken on the vehicle of mass transportation- the Bus which would religiously arrive at the scheduled time on the bus stand where the same people stopped to get on their route to their destination.

My decision to help a friend to complete his project on Heat Combustion Engines ( Although I knew nothing about it) had made me lose my only conveyance to the job- The Big Red bus. So, I stood there helpless standing on the bus stand devising something to tell to my boss the reason for me appearing late at work.  A checklist came on my mind and the list started to expand just like a bag of maize that turns into popcorn as soon as exposed to heat. To every item in the checklist I started to make cases, if the boss asked otherwise.

As I was busy concocting this masterplan, I noticed a gentle touch on my leg. The touch was cold, delicate and out of proportions (I had never encountered such a touch before). The mind stopped all the devising and focused it’s energies on the eyes and directed them to see what had disturbed the very important process of planning ( one thing that we never give up).

A small boy was standing there in tattered clothes on a cold afternoon, without any guardian, without any intentions, innocently looking at my big stature for a reply.

Unused to the social processes, my mind rudely uttered a reply- What ?

The boy was shocked, taken aback, probably not used to the reply from not so social humans, gathered his courage, prepared his speech and with a voice more trembling than the vibration of his own body asked me’ Mister Do you Know what Day It is ?”

Exasperated by the question, I answered with complete neglect” Today is Monday’ and started to look for my bus that should have arrived by then. The boy unmoved by the answer, said something one does not expect to listen on a regular day-“Today is my Birthday.” Before I could say anything, the boy ran across the street following the footpath made for the well off to commute, for the pauperized to earn, to live.

Oblivious of what the boy felt, I was relieved to see the bus coming upto pick me up and take me to the place I have been working for almost all my hours of the day. The Trip to work seemed rather small compared to the usual time. All my strategies were lost and I had a feeling that was very disturbing, very irritating, very demeaning. I was feeling guilty for behaving in a manner that could be avoided and regretted the attitude that I was living on till now.

This was shown in my work as my efficiency lowered down. I could not think properly, my mind started making plans what will it do when the boy meets it again.

Nevertheless, the work ended, I packed my bags, rode on the bus to my home.

Nothing seemed right that day.

The footpath looked lucrative to walk upon, the park called me to feel the grass, hotdogs barked me at, coffee turned white.
I could hear people speak, birds chirp, water flow. wind rustle, car whoosh.

Walking towards my home I saw a party going on in a restaurant that I used to visit when the work was finished at the workplace. A birthday party was going on in the restaurant.


The heavily decorated banner told the world that today was the day when Rick was born. My feet took an almost unexpected turn, went inside the restaurant and I self invited myself to the most happening party I had ever been. There were children all over, running, playing Pinata, turning the chairs on music, letting their small feet swing with the music. Every now and then, a kid would come and the mountain of gifts would climb another inch.

Everybody was happy, except the birthday boy Rick who was being forced to play with the kids invited to the party. He wore a look seldom masked by the people who have been devoid of something. Unmindful of my actions, I approached Rick. Wished him A Happy Birthday and asked what was that he missed.

“I wished daddy was here.”

“Where is your daddy?”, my curiosity asked him.”Mommy says Daddy has left me as he does not like me. But I love daddy”

I jumped from my seat, ran outwards, sweating, feeling a pain never felt before.

As, I reached my home I went straight in the bathroom, washed my face only to find myself looking in the mirror, the same mirror that had shown me the appearance I wanted it to show me. But, today I saw the real me. The me who was lost in the war of breads, crushed beneath the workload, disciplined in the routine, crammed with the priorities of life(bread, clothes and house).

Never did I realise what was missing in my life.

What is life?

Is it working day and night to feed desires or is it driving around like crazy, singing aloud, talking to friends?

These two incidents made me realise that life is not just about earning money, it is also about spending on the things that gives you pleasure.

Party hard, live today, meet people, explore places, go for a movie, celebrate each moment.

Thanks to the two boys, that today I celebrate my all new Birth, My BIRTHDAY….