The only Girl I knew

Exigencies of situations sometimes warrant an action that may seem too immature, too gullible to be apprehended by any one who is not part of the frame under consideration. These actions may be harsh, may not appear acceptable. But the voices in one’s head when become too vociferous, possess the capability to harm the normal functioning.

She was the only girl I ever knew and seeing the actions, I suppose she will be the only girl I ever would know.

All I can say to her, although I have exaggerated the exigencies of the situation, made some comments that cannot be taken back, indulged myself in vicious thoughts that have crowded my mind, frightened me to my very core, I feel relieved that I could say whatever I wanted to say. This time I did not try a character to tell you what the impatient, immature, gullible, emotional mind that controls me thought about the Girl I ever Knew.

Hope you understand because that’s what best you do.

May life reward you with the people that value you the most.

All the best for a prosperous life…….