Memories that stay

The feel of her moist hair is slowly drifting away,
Is it me or the mind that is in a sway,
I think about you every moment,
The world stops for me in that very cogent,
You were the one who made me happy,
No message from you would make me snappy,
That time is not gone when I waited for you,
Is it only love that ties me and you,
I never wanted a life without you,
But this life is not a choice even for you,
I am and will be there for you,
Send a message and I will be Standing right besides you,
This world is a grid of threads,
The ones that tie each of us,
Thin are these threads,
It is we who make it strong,
The threads between us will never weaken,
It was us who had it strengthened,
I will now move to oblivion,
You will be a memory I would cherish forever.

The chair 

The title of this article may have made you think that something is about to happen. Let me tell you that you are thinking  on the right lines.
This all began when on a very fine day, I woke with up an unbearable pain in my tooth. The pain was similar to that when you fall and develop a bump that keeps on reminding you of it’s presence until it gets healed. I made myself busy to avoid myself from thinking about the pain. But it would appear more often when something went inside my mouth. It was like a war had waged inside my mouth and the battlefield had become all bloody. There were soldiers lying, hoping for any assistance that may come to them to help them overcome the dogmas of misery. But the pain did not go. I thought for the soldiers in my mouth and went out looking for any assistance that may help weaken the enemy forces. I went to see a famous dentist that my friend had recommended. As i reached his office, a fear gripped me. I had heard that dentists are worshippers of Satan, that they inflict pain on you without even blinking their eyes. His office was located on a busy street and his name was clearly visible on the huge board that he had setup on his office. I entered his clinic. It seemed more of a hotel than a clinic. There was not even a speck of dust and everything was arranged in order. I approached the receptionist. The receptionist was busy colouring her nails red. As if she was preparing herself for another battle. I asked her for an appointment. “Have a seat. The doctor will see you in a moment.” she told me without even  looking at me. I sat down on the row of seats that were diligently placed for everyone. While I was sitting on the seat, trying to read a magazine that was lying there, I heard some voices. They were  similar to the ones we hear when something pierces right through the skin causing collateral damage to the weapon and the victim. As i was busy analyzing the sources of the sound, the receptionist called me and told me that I was next. I suddenly felt that my foot had become extremely heavy. It was not possible to move. I gathered myself together and started to move towards the one who I thought would free me from all my pain. There were numerous number of surgical chairs that were waiting for their occupant. The doctor was sitting alongside one chair and was attending his one patient. He saw me coming and recommended an x ray to observe more precisely. I got the x ray done and took it directly to him. The doctor said something to his assistant and asked me to lay down on the chair that was empty. I went on the chair and as I was starting to lay, my heart started beating fast. It was almost as it was warming me that something was wrong. The doctor came near me and told me that the tooth had to be removed. I had no other option than to abide by what the doctor said. So I nodded in affirmation. I never knew something as little a single tooth can bring a variety of pains never ever felt before. He applied something to decrease the pain and then he took out his weapons to wage wars on the battleground that was setup in my mouth. The doctor was insensitive. He did not think of anything. He unleashed his wrath on anything that came infront of him. The vibration of all his instruments made a music that increased my heart beats as I laid helplessly on the chair. Occasionally he ordered me to open my mouth wide enough so that his instruments may work flawlessly. The only thing I could see was the light that enlightened the deal battlefield that my mouth had become. After hours of fighting, the doctor laid rest to his instruments. We have won. Declared the soldiers. The enemy has been removed. His forces annihilated. I saw the enemy lying there on the chair in the pool of blood. I looked at it. It was helpless. I had won. The doctor did his job perfectly. I thanked him for his services, paid all his dues and went back home. There was no pain now. I decided on taking a nap so as to ease myself into what happened. I woke up after a sound sleep. There was still pain in my mouth. The repercussions of a battle had set working a motion of gears that were to trouble me for sometime. I went to my table, gathered myself and sat on the chair. Another battle had to be fought.