A Farewell to a Friend

The day is fresh in my memory,
The day when I shook my hands with you,
The day it was a regular,
Time has made it more than regular,
You were a friend,
I would call whenever,
And you were there forever,
The assignments we took,
The days when we were off the hook,
There was one thing that kept us going,
Showed us the path, kept us moving,
I was a little snappy,
But you made me happy,
I unleashed my wrath on you,
But never did you fumble,
Anything that we shared,
Memories that we had bred,
Never did the world bother,
It was me and you who had it cornered,
The days when there was no joy,
We created some coy,
The things we tried on our way,
Remember the fall we had that day,
This city will be different without you,
But I hope maybe one day I will be invited by you,
To celebrate the memories,
To live back the glories,
Looks like a century has passed,
Everything looks now so marshed,
I am writing this in a jiffy,
You are the one who needs to calm the sissy,
A memorial has to be created,
Remember this man who had it formulated,
All the best for the life ahead,
Have faith whenever you fall by the head,
There is Light at the end of every tunnel,
There is another day after every another,
Forget the past,
Have fun today,
Create a future,
Where we all would stay,
Remember this man whenever you feel,
I am all husky to see you leave. 

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