Happy Father’s day Papa 

An ode to my Hero.
An ode to my Father.

The Crimson eyes and the merrying rows,
The wish that slept in the whistling brows,
The water that went straight down the Gullying cheek,
The sparkle that rose the brave from the meek,
The only thing kept us going,
Was papa you and your indomitable spirit of always moving,
A step away, 
A distance fade away,
Time is what it all takes,
For you to make us grow with sakes,
Another day, another night,
Papa your presence makes it alright,
We fear, we fall,
Always we try to call,
With eyes of affection,
With ears of calculation,
Papa you hear us,
Without any reason,
Without any constitution,
The days when the thunder was too loud,
The days when the low was the new shroud,
You covered our ears,
Said son see the dancing bears,
All of this will be over,
Nothing lasts forever,
And we would hide in your shoulders,
Just like the moon,
Skips a night,
Hides in the fluffy sky,
And the day would rise,
Papa you would carry your own sunshine,
You tell the world my moon is the brightest,
Try to harm it and see my darkest,
You would boast of things still so little,
The drawing we made, the cake we almost strangle,
You carry us when we drop,
How do you do that,
Each time, every other day,
You stand up, even when your legs don’t permit,
You are never tired,
Never do you lose the composure that we all crave,
You told us stories of fairies,
Of heroes who won over territories,
But every day we saw a hero,
Dress up, Prepare for a battle,
And even after a tiring battle,
Would come to home,
And ask son let’s build a new home,
He would move his hands over us,
Only to let us enter the realms of thoughts contagious,
And close the door behind himself,
He is my moon,
I would hear him say every time to himself.

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