The second guy…

I don’t want to be the second Guy,
The ones those simmer the cry,
The ones those remain there,
The ones those never get there,
They do things that pleases a soul,
Turn down themselves, may bear a foul,
The ones that sing and laugh and frown,
Nurture them like a gaurdian grown,
The ones those hear them cry,
Want to hug but never try,
They stand at every line,
Carry them whenever nothing is fine,
But the second guy always loses the baton,
Lets the first, become a mason,
They hope someday they will win the battle,
The rules are clearly not mentioned,
The second guy always loses the battle,
They throw themselves in oblivion,
Think Of the past,
Remember their chatters,
Worry for them far too matters,
But the second guy remains the second guy,
A friend in need,
But a lover never indeed.


11 thoughts on “The second guy…

      1. Ah I see, but it is so nicely written. I don’t why it is that some people only notice the ones who are not good rather the one who is good. It seems that having a kind heart it gets broken more

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      2. So true but I don’t see why being with or wanting someone bad only causes pain and drama. To be with someone good and kind is a life with happiness. But then once the bad person breaks their heart they come running to the nice they turned down

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      3. I know right, I never understood that. Nice guys are the ones I rather have. I kindness and having a sweetheart is not soft or weak to me. I think it is a good thing more men should be the nice guy.

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