We wished upon our stars.
Dripping, tripping and clinging.
It was never the light that guided us.
Darkness plays it’s part.
The pragmatic and the dogmatic.
Then there are Miracles…

9 thoughts on “Miracles…

  1. A very beautiful poem. I love this poem it says so much in so little words. I believe in miracles mainly because I am one. When my mother was pregnant with me she fell down stairs and bleed very badly I was suppose to be dead but I survived here I am still alive. So I love anything about miracles

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      1. It’s ok I just woke up. Yeah I am a living miracle that is why I believe in miracle so much. I am happy I came to know you too. You’re a nice person I am glad I made you smile. You always make me smile Harsh. I hope you had a nice day?

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