First love……

Saw my eyes absorb something for the first time,
The complexity with which she was woven into,
Her fragrance breathed life into my slumbered air,
Whipped my heart into a pumping machine,
Everything that day made sense,
The wind, the sun and the beautiful red rose,
I stood there in awe,
Love is what, I had gained..

The day you fall in love everything seems new, everything can be felt, everything is beautiful and you start believing in magic because magic is what love is…

This one for the girl I fell for the first time ever. 

25 thoughts on “First love……

      1. You’re very welcome reading great poetry and writing is my thing to do. Harsh you are a very good writer and your poetry is amazing handsome

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      2. Writing is just the passion you have inside that you feel. Nor hard to do you are a natural it flows from you like a beautiful stream. I really enjoy it.

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      3. This is the most amazing thing someone has said for me in a while. Nobody has noticed this that you have told me Morgan. I am humbled and delighted to have you as a reader. Thank you so much for all the encouragement. Hadn’t it been for readers like I wouldn’t have started writing in the first place.

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      4. Well not everyone appreciates good writing and poetry. You have to feel the words not just read them. Your writing and poetry is very heartfelt and honest. As a reader I appreciate that. And you made a great choice creating a blog

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      5. Aw that is sweet of you to say but beautiful writings always come from beautiful souls such as yours. Keep going handsome you’re doing great ❤

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      6. You mean you’re handsome haha, I will always be here I love your work and your a nice person. And I will keep calling you handsome because you are

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      7. Aw thank you ❤ that is very sweet and kind of you. Being a good positive person is important to me. I love to make people smile and happy also make them feel good. You make me smile so thank you handsome

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