Just the way she likes it….

She went inside my veins.
Her clamour made me an animal.
Sharp, strong and fierce.
Piece by piece we tore each other down.
We woke up the next day,
How was I?
Just the way I like.
She said picking up our pieces…..

26 thoughts on “Just the way she likes it….

  1. You really are going to get sick of me if I keep reading and commenting on your work. But, I felt bad today so I am reading poems to help give me smile. This one is very nice a beautiful piece. You are a vessel that carries poetry. Your poetry is sweetened with the kind texture of your soul. Being a poet is a gift that gives to the poet and it’s readers a feeling of pure bliss. Writing is a reliever of pain and a great way to express love. You write so well expressing emotion in a incredible way. Your heart is a well filled with poetry lovely art thanks for sharing it Harsh.

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    1. Morgan you made me smile today. I thank you for this and for this wonderful message you have written for me. Morgan it feels so special when people do appreciate your work and you have been doing this to me for such a long time. How can I get sick of you then. Please never ever think that I will ever think otherwise.
      And why were you sad today. Everything okay?

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      1. Glad I could make you smile Harsh. I sometimes think I am nothing more than a helping hand to be used. Then forgotten about when a person doesn’t need me anymore. I am a good person and I don’t see why being a good person gets me hurt. I can’t be mean and selfish I am not built that way. I love to help and be generous but some people aren’t that way towards me. I love and care a lot, I guess I have to learn not to. But, I don’t know how not to care and love as much as I do. I love to be there for people to make them smile, to dry away tears and laugh with them in joyous moments. I feel sometimes I mean nothing.

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      2. Hey Morgan. I know that feeling that you are talking about. Sometimes I do think like the way you think. We people stand with others in time when they need us but rarely somebody stands with us when we need them. I can sleep well in the night even if I didn’t help somebody but I did not think bad about anyone. That feeling is of most importance to me. Most of the times people don’t notice the things you do for them. That doesn’t mean we have to stop doing good things. The people who matter will someday notice what we did for them and that only matters. It’s okay to feel that you don’t mean anything but also do realise this fact that for some people you mean the world.

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      3. I wish I felt like I mean the world to people. Everyone has someone and I alone. I am the friend the person to be there for everyone but no one to be here for me. I hate this feeling I wish I didn’t feel this way.

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      4. It bothers my soul if I can’t help someone. I love people so much and it bothers me that in being a good person I am forgettable. I have always been the person do for others. When I had no money I would make gifts to give them for holidays or birth days. Because I didn’t want them to wake up to nothing. I will write poetry if that was all I had to give to them as a gift. And on holidays birthdays they don’t even give me a piece of writing as a gift. It hurts to be a good person because people hurt your feelings by taking advantage of me. But, I can’t be mean or michivious because it’s not me I am a loving person I always will be. 🙂

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      5. I have to learn to do that, I just think people know I am a good person I will always be there. So they take advantage of that. It’s my fault for being so nice. I will learn to separate the ones who love me and the ones who only want to use me.

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