Our life- Animated movie….

Our life- animated movie 

I sometimes think, 
what if our life would be a like an animated movie
where imagination is rewarded with a sheer feeling of satisfaction, 
where hope never dies, 
where there is no end to anything, happiness, gratitude, disappointments, dizziness, nostalgia or even the feel of flying with nothing but a breath of fresh air. 

We are expecting too much and too soon. Don’t you think?

Have faith. 
Everything falls in place at the right time.

One lovely blog award. 

The best thing about writing is that you can be anyone you wish to be. You can play god with your words, make palaces where princes become Knights, where a man heroically saves the dying city with the strength of his thoughts, where anything and everything is possible. Such is the power of the pen. It can infuse you with thoughts buried deep inside some unknown corner of your self, hidden from you and from the world or can take you into a relaxing slumber of deep oceans and fairies and sweet. I take this wonderful opportunity given to me by the wonderful writer Nupur with gratitude to present some facts about me. 

Thank you Nupur.


The rules:

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  1. I am a person that loves and lives travelling. Treads unexplored drives the curious me.
  2. Speaking is something very rare when somebody will be with me. I prefer silence of the speech than the intensity of tones.
  3. Playing with music is the thing I cannot pass a day without. I play violin and guitar and sometimes sing as well.
  4. I try painting pictures with either my words or my camera that have captured somethings I couldn’t have seen lest they hadn’t asked me to notice them.
  5. I sometimes find company of animals more soothing than anybody else. I love dogs, Birds, horses a little more than others. I have my own Labrador-Joy.
  6. Driving slowly alongwith a nice song helps me absorb many things that have come my way, that day or any day that has passed or is about to come.
  7. My family and my friends are someone I can stand up for anytime, any place.

Thank you once again for reading this post.


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