Blaming is easy….

There are people, good people who deal with your Devils everyday, bearing every type of heartbreaking accusations. 

Some people do gather the courage to understand that all the time it was they who had been wearing faulty glasses. 

All they saw was faults of those people, Good people who dealt with Devils that even did not belong to them.

Each of us has been granted a life not with our wish but with the wish of someone more powerful than any of us. 

It becomes our responsibility to realize this simple little fact-

Rains pouring on a stormy night,
Were heavenly, were a sight,
Many cried in a tone so unknown,
My crops are fed,
My roof is no more.
I cursed the god, 
What went so wrong,
Thundered the god,
A house of cards can stay so long…

Blaming is easy. Anyone can do it. 

It takes courage to realize and mend your own mistake. 

Be one of those good people.

Usually the rains are too harsh on them.

30 thoughts on “Blaming is easy….

      1. But Jyotee, what about people who blame others for their mistakes. For example, a student who didn’t study for example blames the teacher for a difficult exam or the teacher who blames the school for conducting exams.

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      2. yah!

        Dats ryt!
        Dats wrong thing!

        Wat if u r caught with wrong people at wrong place n supposed to b wrong!

        wen u actually r right n all proofs r against u!

        u cnt say!
        life drags u wr!

        Life is too vast
        too complicated!

        good news is… life is limited!


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    1. Yes Ma’am you are right. It takes a lot to realise your mistakes and even more to realise that some other people bore the brunt because of you.
      Sorry for the late reply Ma’am. My internet connection stopped working today. It only restored now.

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  1. Very profound a true and written piece. I am a lover of rain and thunderstorms. I realize though that the rain sometimes flood certain areas the lightening shuts power off the wind causes damage. I always pray every storm and rain harms no one.

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      1. Rain truly is I just live it even after the rain I love the smell of it. Some see rainy days as depressing I see then as Beautiful and calming rain and thunderstorms I love.

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