A jar full of lights….

It’s funny isn’t it?

We cry for things so complex. A bigger house, hike in salary, travelling abroad, tasting exotic cuisines. 

But the things that usually silence the storms in our heart are so simple, so serene…

It’s funny isn’t it…..

Gift a jar of lights. 

Like fireflies. They glow. They live. They fade away….

P.s- Amma brought this big glass jar to store lemon pickle. And I put lights in it. She had to wash it again, and I was reduced to ashes. πŸ˜”

37 thoughts on “A jar full of lights….

      1. I was just listening to this one..seeing him play. I so love this instrument, I need learn how to play this one! something very personal about it, not as personal as the violin, still.

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      2. Yes Ash, he was the reason I took up guitar. You know I have given years to violin and you know it too that creating a sound out of violin you desire is so difficult. You need teachers to master it. But with guitar things become little simple. And there is so much of material available on the Internet that can serve your purpose.

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      3. aha! he is tempting that way.. so much of material online for the guitar and the keyboard! But there is that (I don’t know) privacy with the violin..when it is played resting it .. under the chin.. may be I’m romanticizing the idea of a violin.. when guitar is just as much.

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      4. Yes definitely, and the pride that comes with it. You can very well boast that you know violin . But jokes apart. It’s special to me because It was the first instrument I started playing. Many emotions attached with it. But until my violin finds a good teacher, I suppose there will be a fierce battle between the guitar and the violin. πŸ˜‰

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    1. Thank you Ma’am. Your constant encouragement helps me write even more.
      Ab ma’am main kya kar sakta hun, mere ghar pe Amma Raj chalta hai. πŸ˜…
      You can try doing this at your home. It looks even more beautiful in the dark. 😊

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  1. aaww…. Amma’s pickles taste better then the lights πŸ˜‰ isn’t that so? those lights traveled so far to get into that jar but I am sure it can light up your world by being on your bedroom walls too… you jst brightened amma’s world.. haha


    1. Haha, well said Hemangini. I am not fond of pickles but yes everything she makes is the best. Even if it is a burnt chapatti.
      Thank you Hemangini for reading my work.
      Sorry your comment into the spam folder. I just saw it.

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