Shall we begin? 

The sky is our canvas baby! 

Color it red,  color it blue, 

or the shades of a milion hue, 

Be it mine, 

Or let it shine, 

The clouds are a little fluffy, 

Jump on them,

Fly above the dark, 

The sky is our canvas baby, 

Shall we begin? 

44 thoughts on “Shall we begin? 

      1. wanted to let you know that, no matter how small you think your support means….I think its great, even a little bit of goes a long way. Wanted to type that in in last comment on awards, but distracted by my little one, he is on summer holidays….

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      2. Chitra you don’t need to tell me your presence on my blog is enough to explain many things, you’re comment brings a big smile on my face. Your small one. How old he is.. It was today I was wondering about you. How you manage blogging and kids at home. If I was to do it, I would have slept by now. 😜

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      3. 🙂 He is 8, right now playing with his friend, blogging and watching him :). He loves to read what I do, I do share my work and anything that I find interesting on the blog with him, so sometimes he is with me while I am blogging!!

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      4. Are you sure he is 8. 😳
        When I was 8 all I did was to run after my little brother. 😝
        Kids these days. 😅
        Jokes apart, I am sure he will do wonders. 😊 All my love and best wishes to him.

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      1. Arey we both are the original writers. You know these are things I love to write because there is no word limit and I can let myself free.
        Ash this will be fun. You are the first one I am doing this with. 😊

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      2. Hahahaha, let’s see how it comes out. When a piece so intense, I usually tend to leave it in between. But now that you are here, I hope we will take this story to a great ending, maybe someday make it into a small movie. 😁

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      3. My bestie’s thesis is on the textile mills of Bombay.. I’ve also gone along with her for the interviews and meetings, so when you wrote BB mills, all that came into mind.. Let’s see how it goes.. Even I leave something midway when it grows really intense! this is fun.. 🙂

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