There is something inexplicable about dreams. 

Some dreams see the day of light everytime you open your eyes.

Some just die a death of disbelief. 

Some become a part of yourself. 

Or some of those just fade away. 

Dreams are a reality until the power of belief kicks in and pushes us to understand the idea behind seeing a dream in the first place. 

Dreams can make you cry,  make you proud or just can scare every cell in your body. 

But dreams are an endangered species,  the one which faces a threat of being extinct under the overdue pressure of comparisons,  expectations and desire. 

We need to dream more….

This picture reminds me of the many dreams that my near ones took sometime back. The pain,  the hardwork that went into it and the result that came out of it. 

Some dream with their God, some with their eyes, some with their mind, a beating heart or some,  with their hands…… 

44 thoughts on “Dreams… 

      1. I cannot ask her to learn anything Ma’am. She is a brilliant cook. But once in a while we need to absorb the great works of other people. Telling the people to try new things is not demeaning their work. Its like introducing them to a new unexplored territory.
        I am sorry if I am lecturing too much. I tend to drown in emotions. 😅

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      2. Lol that’s a great thought! Your mom is lucky to have a son like you 😃….but if you tell this to your mom she will give you one tight chamaat ulte haath kaan ke neeche 😂😂😂 sorry that was all in good humor… don’t get emotional😂😂

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      1. Wish you the same.. and so happy talking to you too.. the comment section became a chat box now. Haha. Good to connect with you.. Takecare and dream….😊

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