44 thoughts on “Satisfaction.. 

      1. Aaj to bahut baarish hui. At least India me season change to hota hai. Yaha aisa kuch nai hai. It is always summer…all the year round, but thankfully not as hot as in India. But these days its raining. So quite a relief!

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      2. Hahahaha, I know that feeling Ma’am. Jab main bhi gym jata hun toh avoid hi karta hun. Aajkal no gym toh full on fats and carbs. But ma’am kabhi kabhi toh chalta hi hai fried. I ate fried fish long time back and it was delicious.

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      3. You are vegetarian na? Kabhi kabhi to chalta hai. I usually eat lots of pizza and ice cream on my cheat days! Sometimes just can’t avoid since I need to give my girl some company in enjoying her meals😂

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      4. Hanji, vaise toh I am veg but friends ke sath try kiya tha. Ghar pe bataya toh bawal ho gya tha. 😂 uske bad nhi khaya.
        Pizza is toh my staple diet. 😂
        This is you in your dp.?

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      5. She will be 4. Party hai Na Saturday ko ghar PE. Friday we will celebrate in her school and Saturday at home. Calling all our friends. Aa jao tum bhi. Ticket bhejun? 😂Waise tumhare satisfaction post par kafi comments aa gaye.

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