Open up. 

Open up your pores. 

Who knows what you may absorb? 

Good Morning everyone. Have a nice day ahead. 

P. S- this is what a flute looks from inside. 


35 thoughts on “Open up. 

      1. Good morning Harsh 😇
        No problem. I too find some valuable comments in my spam box. Sometimes, I don’t receive notification of received comments. And, sometimes my comments are not published after it says published. So,don’t know how many bugs are keeping rounds in WP app 😄

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      2. This is big issue. It takes a lot of effort for someone to comment and WordPress just spams them.
        I am sorry Miracle I couldn’t catch up with the challenge, I will soon.
        Good Morning.
        Have a wonderful day ahead.

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      1. Hindi main likhna aur itna accha likhna kai log nhi kar pate, including me. Ap bahut accha kam kar rhe hain Sagar. I love reading your posts. Sab pe comment nhi kar pata but padhta zaroor hun.

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