A line

If I could draw a new line, 

The one I could see, 

A little curvy, imperfect, 

Screeches over my screen, 

Leaves some scratches, 

If I could draw a line, 

Over places and things, 

Over the people that went by, 

The line that is red, blue maybe green, 

Monotone is so monotonous, 

If I could draw a line,

Over oceans and the sunrise, 

The rays,  the waves, 

All the clouds, 

I would take a big piece, 

Store it in my room, 

Talk to it everyday, 

Maybe give it a bath, 

If I could draw a new line, 

Over the existing few ones, 

Could cross them sometime, 

See, meet, greet, absorb, express,

Maybe build a house, 

The wilderness, the right angles, 

Perfect lanes, scanty remains, 

If only I could draw a line,

The grids, the patterns, 

The Greenwich and the meridian, 

Attraction, repulsion and induction,

Science would be a little change, 

Lines are the new shape, 

These lines imaginary or a sketch, 

Drawn on the mind or on a stretch,

One dimensional,  two or maybe three, 

X crosses the country of y and z attacks, 

Why are you two always away, 

Skewed, intersecting, parallel or maybe tan, 

Lines are interesting of them all, 

If I would draw a line, 

There will be talks over the town, 

I would be famous, 

Linemaster what they will call me, 

And I will be drawing lines all over, 

I now want to draw a line, 

Can you see you are my new line…