A line

If I could draw a new line, 

The one I could see, 

A little curvy, imperfect, 

Screeches over my screen, 

Leaves some scratches, 

If I could draw a line, 

Over places and things, 

Over the people that went by, 

The line that is red, blue maybe green, 

Monotone is so monotonous, 

If I could draw a line,

Over oceans and the sunrise, 

The rays,  the waves, 

All the clouds, 

I would take a big piece, 

Store it in my room, 

Talk to it everyday, 

Maybe give it a bath, 

If I could draw a new line, 

Over the existing few ones, 

Could cross them sometime, 

See, meet, greet, absorb, express,

Maybe build a house, 

The wilderness, the right angles, 

Perfect lanes, scanty remains, 

If only I could draw a line,

The grids, the patterns, 

The Greenwich and the meridian, 

Attraction, repulsion and induction,

Science would be a little change, 

Lines are the new shape, 

These lines imaginary or a sketch, 

Drawn on the mind or on a stretch,

One dimensional,  two or maybe three, 

X crosses the country of y and z attacks, 

Why are you two always away, 

Skewed, intersecting, parallel or maybe tan, 

Lines are interesting of them all, 

If I would draw a line, 

There will be talks over the town, 

I would be famous, 

Linemaster what they will call me, 

And I will be drawing lines all over, 

I now want to draw a line, 

Can you see you are my new line… 

31 thoughts on “A line

      1. Na non veg nhi khata. Doston ke sath try kiya tha, zyada pasand nhi aya han fish kafi acchi lagi thi. Abhi toh pasta bna rha tha. Voh khaunga. Weekends pe usually ghar walon ke sath baith leta hun. Kahin bhul na jaein mujhe.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. My day was very good thank you! glad to hear you are kicking! im trying to find a good story to read to make me fall asleep hahaa this night owl shit is for the birds! hahaa xoxo

        Liked by 1 person

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