The Mirror… 

Her beauty was the world mad for. 
People came from far off worlds.
Ah! The beauty of the gold. 
She was the only, the sweet and kind. 
The mirror knew the truth. 
Am I the fairest of them all. 
Yes, My love it would say. 
She kept the mirror hidden. 
Away from the world. 
A day came when she had a stroll. 
A prince came on a white stallion. 
Be My Queen oh beautiful of all. 
And all shall be ours with you on my side. 
You are mine and I am yours. 
They kissed and the world fell at their feet. 
Long live the Prince! Long live the Queen! 
They were kind, they were strong. 
The Sun never set on their smiling Crown. 
People were happy, people were in a bliss. 
The mirror knew the truth. 
Locked away in a gaurded tower. 
It was forgotten, it was vanished. 
Long live the Prince! Long live the Queen! 
The Prince is in a sick. Get the bestest medicine. 
There was chaos, there was fear. 
Where is the Queen, Where is the fair. 
The Queen came running down the gaurded tower. 
To your health I shall drink. 
For you I shall be sick. 
The Prince couldn’t see her love suffer. 
The Prince jumped a leap of faith. 
In your arms I shall live. 
You are mine and I am yours. 
The Queen brought color to his face. 
Long live the Queen! Long live the King! 
Time ran it’s own course. 
The kingdom fell a prey to food. 
There was chaos, there was death. 
Drought was brutal, Gods unfair. 
Nobody was spared. 
The old, the young, the unborn. 
The kingdom was dying. 
The Queen turned to the mirror. 
Help us, my love. 
Or soon shall we disappear. 
Why do you care, my love. 
Let them rot. They deserve every spear. 
We shall go away to the lands flourishing. 
You will be the fairest again, my lady. 
Remember the times when we ruled. 
The riches, the glory, the blood of the lost. 
Please tell me a way to stop this. 
I want my love, my King to be up and running. 
You have gone mad, the king has cast a spell on you. 
They fought. The Witch and the mirror. 
Wounded both of them, wanted to live. 
The mirror more powerful than the witch. 
I will kill the King, the people you love. 
Then I will let you live and die again. 
The King saw this from a distance not so far. 
Threw a stone at the mirror. 
They say love is powerful than any other thing. 
The mirror was dead, the Queen losing her breath. 
The King held her in his arms. 
What will I do without you. 
You are mine and I am yours. 
The Queen closed her eyes. 
The Sun shone again on the Crown. 
Life woke up from a deep slumber. 
The secret buried along with the Queen. 
The tower was locked. The story locked. 
Long live the Queen! Long live the King! 
Long live the Queen! Long live the Queen! 

Would you lay yourself vulnerable? 

Nobody of us wants to lay vulnerable to others. Maybe that’s the reason we cover up our insecurities, our fears with defiance because defying the presence of something makes us comfortable. It gives us a very satisfying sense that we are invincible. That nothing might happen to the one who just doesn’t give a shit about things happening. 

Deep down, yes very deep down. We still do want to care. Because out of all the things that usually comes our way, it’s alluring to keep faith in good. 

Kuch Teri, Kuch Meri….

Kash kabhi aisa ho jae, 
Tere sapne mere ho jae, 
Lekar chalein kahin dur gagan main, 
Fuslakar, behlakar baithein angan main, 

Ho sake toh le chalna, 
Band baste main voh purani kitab, 
Likhi thi jismein humne kahani,
Kuch teri, kuch meri, 

Raste pe na jane kya kya mile, 
Hasraton se bhare pankh kuch Azaad karna, 
Ud chalna, bheeg jana, hass bhi lena tum, 
Asman nhi kisi ka, pani ko bhi hai koi rok saka, 

Mod aye toh, sambhal jana tum, 
Rasta na mile toh, 
Ghabrana na tum, 
Raaste aur bhi hain, vapis mudna na tum, 

Pta nhi kahan mila voh, 
Lakdi ka madmast dibba,
Garmiyon ki chuttiyon main jismein,
Azaad hote the sapne kai, 

Mitti ke voh bartan, 
Kagaz ka taj vohi,
Rangeen pani tha,
Patang ki dor Bdi,

Pathar the apna khazana,
Koi gol, toh koi chamkeela,
Jeb main hote thi ek hi chawanni,
Koi meethi, toh koi tasveer,

Na jane kisne Btaya,
Un lakeeron main tha jo likha,
Yeh le beta, sapna tera,
Naseeb pak hai tera, hai bhagwan, toh tu savera,

Bdi koshish ki,
Samjhun likha kya tha haathon main mere,
Pta nhi kyun dikha nhi voh sapna mujhe,
Shayad hun main nasamajh, shayad andha zra,

Dekha jab pairon pe khade us shareer ko,
Hath nhi the jiske, but tha josh bda, socha main,
Hathon ki lakeerein,
Likhti nhi naseeb,

Sapnon ki is bheed main,
Ashaon ke is khol main,
Khud ko dhundha hai abhi,
Thoda waqt aur lagega, shayad kuch barson abhi,

Chorh aye the na jane kahan, 
Gale main tang voh Kala saap, 
Peecha karti voh filein, 
Voh tareekhein jo hamesha thi pass, 

Bebas si zindagi ho gyi thi,
Samay bahut tha, par kabhi pura nhi,
Chup chap roz bistar main,
Sula dete the sapne kai,

Kuch saans ab mili si hai, 
Kuch jaan jagi si hai, 
Kya main bhi ud sakta hun, 
Kya main bhi azaad hun, 

Kash kabhi aisa ho jae,
Tere sapne mere ho jae,
Lekar chalein kahin dur gagan main,
Fuslakar, behlakar baithein angan main,

Ho gyi hai subah, 
Asmaan hai bda saaf abhi, 
Dheere se mere kaano se guzra chup chap abhi, 
Sannaton main jag gyi hai ek chingari nyi, 
Udd chalo ab der nhi….. 

Be a man…..

Be a man, be a man,
Shouted the crowd, be a man,
Carve out a ruthless shine,
Bring a sword with a deadly grine,
Swing it high, 
kill a dream so brigh,

Be a man, be a man,
Shouted the crowd, be a man,
Strengthen yourself,
Harden yourself,
Do not let a drop come out,
Turn away from things that cry,
Wear a mask with a mark so coy,

Be a man, be a man,
Shouted the crowd, be a man,
Every woman is a jewel,
Every child is a gift,
Preserve them, 
Protect them, 
Be a sunlight,
You are a saviour,
Of meek and the lame,

But what about the man,
Had become a stone,
Is man not a human anymore,
He feels, 
He cries,
He is sometimes meek,
But the only thing he hears,
Be a man, be a man,

He wants to break the mould,
Set for him the day he was told,
You are a man, 
Rule with all your might,
Nobody hears what beats inside a man,
The man turns himself into oblivion,
And tells himself each day,
What has been said for eternities, 
Be a man, be a man,
Shouted the crowd, be a man…….

When money can buy happiness.. 

Now my trips outside the house are getting frequent day by day. The family took me to a mall today to get me some clothes. We entered the mall and as usual nothing was that I liked. I dragged myself from that section towards the other section where the kids had collected. There was a helicopter show going around there. And I preferred watching that rolling remote controlled helicopter. I tried my hands at that two wheeled scooter the ones you kick by the foot and stand. Haha. 

That was the moment I spotted these two beauties lying there. I fell in love with them at first sight. 

I didnt buy anything except these two beautiful small cars. And the one thing me and my brother did when we reached home. We raced. Hahaha.