A street vendor busy in his thoughts in a busy market of Chandni Chowk, Delhi…

I couldn’t think of anything to write about this picture. I thought I should let the picture speak for itself. 

Do tell me in the comments how do you feel about this picture. 

Any caption or anything you feel. 

65 thoughts on “Thoughts… 

  1. Hey Harsh !
    Here is my thoughts about that man.

    Let me smoke and smoke and smoke more. And end myself once for all to relive myself from a daily burden called responsibilities.

    God knows what was he thinking. So consider my comment on a serious + funny note.

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    1. Hi Miracle.
      This was good Miracle. We keep dangers close to ourselves even when we know that they will kill us. But we literally stop caring after sometime.
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this.
      I hope you are doing good.

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  2. Just a thought…… Maybe he is trying to let go all his worries by remaining as he is not worried about tomorrow living life this moment, doing what he enjoys most….
    In many eyes he seems to be wasting life by smoking, now guys drop the idea You are a judge simply find around yourself a vibe that he is alive as he is here, now.

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  3. That elder eyes, lines on his forehead, almost white mustache, older shirt, tore collars tells a lot than words can express!Looks like lines on his forehead are the signs of responsibilities and stress he had taken all his life!

    Inner me is bit scared by thinking about “Cycle of Life”, let our parents live their old ages as they brought up us, let them get all the love and care they have given us from us :*

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    1. Amazingly put Breathmath. This was the first feeling that had come in my mind when I saw this picture at home. Our parents have done so much for us that we usually don’t see their sacrifices until we encounter them ourselves.
      Our parents burnt themselves so that we could shine bright.
      Yes, Cycle of Life. It sounds scary sometimes. But it is real very real.
      Thank you so much Breathmath. I am sorry I don’t know your name.

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      1. That’s amazing Ma’am. I have always admired teachers. The way they can make your day with a simple well done and the way they can make your day by making you stand out the class. Hahaha

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