Would you lay yourself vulnerable? 

Nobody of us wants to lay vulnerable to others. Maybe that’s the reason we cover up our insecurities, our fears with defiance because defying the presence of something makes us comfortable. It gives us a very satisfying sense that we are invincible. That nothing might happen to the one who just doesn’t give a shit about things happening. 

Deep down, yes very deep down. We still do want to care. Because out of all the things that usually comes our way, it’s alluring to keep faith in good. 

45 thoughts on “Would you lay yourself vulnerable? 

  1. I don’t think anyone likes to be vulnerable. It is fear keeping people from being vulnerable. When really deep inside everyone has hope of good things and wanting to be open. Pretending to not be vulnerable like you don’t care doesn’t work because you really do care even though you don’t want to in fear of not being excepted or judged or being rejected. But, you’ll never know if things will go right if you don’t put yourself on the line . I mean holding in feelings emotions thoughts don’t change the outcome of anything. But, trying and being open can, there is no way around getting hurt or being judged or rejected. Being vulnerable is being honest I rather be honest than a liar pretending I don’t care when I really do care.

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    1. Yes Morgan. Well said. You see most of us prefer pretending than to be honest. That seems fake atleast to me. But still one experience does causes enough damage beyond repair and the one usually affected pretends.
      I hope many people think like you do. Have a great day Morgan.
      Good Morning.

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      1. Good morning Harsh. I wish people think this way too. Pretending causes more harm than being open and honest. If only people would take their pain and use it as a way of knowing what not to do and what not to except a learning curve. Not allowing pain to harden their hearts. Experiences can cause much damage but another experience can be a life changing bliss. Good things always come after the storm. It’s like when it rains everything is nourished to grow even more.

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  2. There are different kinds of people, with different motivations. Some want to be seen as vulnerable some don’t. But at the end of the day if the wanting to be vulnerable is a pretense then the person is at a loss. What’s the problem is being vulnerable when we are, what’s the need to be always strong, always happy. The best part would be if each of us could understand when another friend/person is going through this phase, so that we can go over and give a hug and be there if they want us around.

    Good one Harsh! Curious to know, who are you meeting and what are you reading, these days..

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    1. Yes, Ash. That’s the thing. You caught it right. Being strong is made synonymous with not acting on something that is emotionally draining, pretending that you are cool when we as the person who know them, know what is going on with them. With the ones we know, I usually tend to slap than hug. Hahaha
      Thank you Ash. I am just a caged chidiya. Haha. I don’t go out much. I am reading many novels these days. The ones I thought would read someday.
      How are you? 😀


  3. What a wonderful post and at the same time a difficult question.

    I’m currently writing about 4 steps to get rid of that insecurity so it’s nice to get some inspiration from other blogs. I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on it and when it comes to my opinion: I think you’re more than right.

    Keep it up !

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