Should we wait….? 


64 thoughts on “Should we wait….? 

      1. ah well im not sure haha i dont really know what it is you are waiting over but me personally i’ll wait for a cake to bake but that is all the waiting i can take….omg that was a bit dr.suess ish sorry hahahaa!

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      2. hahahhahahaha! omg my brother will die laughing at that! he hates glitter w a passion as much as I love it! and did you ever think for one second youd have so many conversations w a person about glitter? hahaa!

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  1. Time must be making us a little more beautiful for the both of us.
    Sweet affectionate words that express being made perfect for the one you want. But why wait? People sometimes don’t get what they want because they waited too late. Sometimes even it is nerve wrecking you should say something.

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      1. I have my contacts I can see a little better with them. The doctor told me it going to take time. I am hoping these work I want to be able to see forever.

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      2. When I take the contacts out I can’t see anything. It is just scary knowing I am not far from being blind. I was born with terrible eye sight. My brother is legally blind i have famiky memembers who could see but went blind. I really hope these contacts help correct my sight. I really want to be able to see. Sorry for complaining and bothering you with my problem.

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