The fire had burnt his face, given him scars for life.
He opened the door to his house.
A furry ball of love came wagging near him.
Filled his scars with a liquid warm…
They say love happens once a lifetime..
He fell in love every moment…..


41 thoughts on “Unconditional……

  1. WordPress needs to have an ‘LOVE’ button…clicking like to this doesn’t come close to how I feel over it! My dog rules my heart and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You have such a sweet and loving heart Harsh. The more I read from you the more I want! 🙂

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  2. A very nice post. Animals do warm the heart in a certain way. I love the way dogs are so loyal and loving. I enjoy their company as they just want to be loved. This poem is a very wondrous interpretation of love. Well done

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      1. I am good Harsh I am preparing my mother for her shoulder surgery tomorrow. She has depression and anxiety so she is very nervous. I am the everyone is looking to be strong. So I am but sometimes I wish I had someone to be strong for me too

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      2. All the best Morgan for the surgery. I hope she is fine and everything goes well.
        I know the feeling Morgan. It happens. When you have been the strongest of all, people tend to take you for one. But sometimes we do want someone else to be strong for us.
        You’ll be alright Morgan. I know.
        Take care.
        And try not to worry. The doctors will do their best.

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