27 thoughts on “The Pleasure of a Drive.. 

  1. Beautiful Kumar! Your picture makes me want to get in the car and start driving on that road!! so quite, peaceful and soothing it is… love the morning rides too.. good one 🙂

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      1. Ha ha.. I wish Kumar, you know maybe I will… its break for the kids, maybe we would go for the week end and will start off early… good idea 🙂 Thanks

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      2. Oh yes, it’s the weekend. I really forget days sometimes. Haha.
        Have a great weekend Chitra. Have fun. You should definitely go out someplace. Arizona must have some nice places to see.

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      3. Thank Kumar, yes Arizona has .. the Grand Canyon! been there over 4 times, in different seasons! yet my thirst for its beauty is not quenched!! its a beauty…

        You too have a wonderful week end Kumar 🙂

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      4. it is Kumar, my wishes for you to be able to see it… that and Niagara falls, they are some wonders that you can never have enough of!

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