24 thoughts on “Look, a little more closely… 

  1. This is a very true quote. Big hearts are in humble vessels. Very nice one Harsh Your junk food must have made you smile today maybe that is why you wrote such a sweet quote. Haha 🙂

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      1. Oh I see well you’re writing pen of your soul is writing more and more beautiful. Keep believing in your gift of words and writing. You are doing wonderful Harsh.

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      2. Over time the pain will stop. Once it is healed all the way. But I am here taking care of her. Thanks for asking blessings to you Harsh. It is hurricane weather outside where I am. So rain always makes her hurt worse due to her arthritis. But she tells me not to worry. She is sleep now so I am watching old movies and reading blog post. The storm outside woke me up the rain and wind is hard.

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      3. I will always take care of her I always have. I will be ok too And I am enjoying the rain soothes me. It gives me a moment to breathe. I am sitying by the window watching one of my favorite movies singing in the rain how convenient. How is your day going

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