26 thoughts on “Closed…. 

  1. A closed door is closed for a reason some things are to be left untouched. On the other hand future doors you have to unlock to reach your destiny. Your past doors should be open to healing once healed then close the door never to open it again. Fear keeps people from opening doors but not opening the door could cause more pain and keep you trapped. Great post very thought provoking I love it. I am a mystery lover so this post is very interesting to me

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  2. I guess it all depends on whats on the other side….even if its pain it has hurt you already once just how bad could it hurt you a second time? Open it or you might regret leaving it closed Harsh and what good can come from regret? ❤ if it sucks slam it shut and walk away then you will at least know its closed for good reason yes? XO!

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