Why blogging is better than other forms of social networking…..

This blog started when a friend of mine thought that I should write everything in one place. I remember the time before I started my blog. Coming with name took me a lot of time but then I thought of my motive of starting the blog. Just like geography or history, I wanted to create something unique, something that has never been used. Caring for art- Caringraphy that is how I came up with this name. Throughout my journey of blogging, there were days when I was disappointed. The first two years rarely anyone even read what I wrote except my close friends and my family. But I kept writing just because I wanted to write whatever I wanted to write. Not everything I wrote was good. But whatever I wrote was still mine. My blog started getting attention when I started using tags. 

The essence of blogging are the people who comment on whatever you have written. Feedback carries the writer and reader to the same level. It is just like the stream of river. The river carries the fish to its destination. 

I had stopped using other forms social networks when I had involved myself more and more with blogging. 

Blogging or blogosphere is one such space where the amount of exposure one gets is phenomenal. I have shared many experiences with so many people from so many different parts of the world which I couldn’t have even imagined if it was not for this wonderful space. Anyone and everyone can read and comment on whatever you have written and that is the beauty of WordPress. It doesn’t apply privacy filters to the content one can view or write. It is your personal mind for everyone else to read. This form of writing is best for every type of people. Be them be the talkative ones,  those love to talk or the ones who rarely speak.

Whatever one has written, usually the discussion is related to that topic and it gives each of the writer and the commentator a view different from what they might have understood from the writing. I have been left speechless many a times when I was involved in a conversation with someone on a post I had written or they had written. It’s too many emotions when one can feel the amount of weight a writer put in while writing something. 

This is something not any Facebook or WhatsApp can provide. Although their use is completely different from the every other form. 

Blogging is something a little more personal and yet so accessible for everyone else that once affected by it, the person usually never leaves it again.

Many people who I have met here may share the same thought. But then other forms may be necessary for many other people. 

What is your view? 

For me blogging is the best and only form of social networking, except the days when me and my group of friends are out, checking out every new thing that has come up in the city during the time we were gone, asking about each others life. 

Except blogging, I prefer a deep, long conversation over a cup of roadside tea, a little bench, the cool wind and some noise to cover up the instant loudness our voices sometimes catch up. 

49 thoughts on “Why blogging is better than other forms of social networking…..

  1. Totally agree with you Kumar. Blogging does have a music of its own that any other social networking, blogging brings out your essence!! I love blog and writing emails….

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    1. Yes Chitra. Blogging is something very different from other types of social networking. We all love it here. It was only because of it, I could meet amazing people like you.
      How are you Chitra by the way?

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  2. Blogging in spite of being anonymous -in a start and in a sense- is a main factor of communication and sharing nowadays… Aren’t those 2 terms worthy? Step by step, the anonymous shadow vanishes and opens the door to “meeting” amazing persons…

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    1. Wow such a great thought Louise. I really like how you have explained the one thing I wanted to share but skipped. Thank you so much for this.
      Indeed, this shadow vanishes, it takes time. That time spent is worth every bit. 🙂

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  3. M not judging..but facebook is now full of scam nd fake profiles..one cannot even think of adding new friends,coz who knows who’s behind dat profile..And yes WordPress or blogger is a really great place to share your thoughts,stories..And the great thing, you can actually interact with the author..you may agree or disagree..bt its all done in a very polite way..You dont have to be smart or intelligent here,you just have to be You.I really never thought that my posts will reach UK,US and more such countries…Thanks for sharing..It reminded me of,how I started my blog..

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    1. That’s one true fact. Facebook is more about appearances rather than the one true self. I totally agree with you. One can indeed interact with the author and everything happens when you are just you.
      Do share your journey. We all would love to read it. 🙂

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  4. I think blogging allows a person to express how they feel in numerous amount of words with freedom. I enjoy long deep conversations but most of the time people are into shortening sentences and not interested in communicating. But with blogging I am able to speak on things I love or find interesting and have conversations with people who are interested in the same. Being able to connect with people that eel the same way or have felt the same. Giving someone a new perspective a different view on situations. Blogging allows a person to find that which they enjoy and make it a place were people who share the same interest can come and communicate with one another. Learning from one another helping one another and being supportive of each other. Your blog is very relatable and entertaining. Your poems are heart felt and warm with a beautiful message in them. Poetic art is your incredible poetry and the stories you write art just the same art in word form truly wonderful. You are a magnificent artist Harsh keeping your audience compelled by your detailed intriguing post. Everyone sees and feels your soul within every piece making it even more beautiful. Only true artist can do that you poetic stream do it effortlessly.

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    1. Wow Morgan. Thank you so much for this huge compliment.
      I started to blog mostly because I wanted a sleek platform for everything I what I wrote and the people who didn’t judge. This place has always been like a second refuge for me. Your writings have something that have taught me so many things that years of Facebook won’t ever.
      Thank you so much Morgan.
      I hope I continue entertaining you with my writings.
      Thanks once again. ☺️

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  5. Blogging gives an identity to your thoughts and helps it reach millions of readers across the globe. How else would it be possible to take your writings to so many people. It is simply phenomenal. Your writings portray or reflect the type of person you are. The feedback of fellow bloggers help you to improve your work. One also makes so many friends in the virtual world.
    I have so far enjoyed this journey, learning from so much from all of you. 😊😊

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    1. Indeed Radhika Ma’am. One could have never thought of reaching people across globe if there was no WordPress. WordPress just lets you read or comment on anyone’s post without you being their friend or not.
      I have learnt so much from my this journey and the best part was meeting amazing people like you.
      Thank you so much Radhika Ma’am.

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  6. Even my journey has been so beautiful till now and I am grateful to all of them including you for it… 😊😊😊
    Readers make this place a workshop for a writer where he can showcase his talent…

    Awesome post, Bhai!

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  7. I’m too IN for blogging is better than other social networking .I consider It as a platform that enables to express and improve ones writing skills, though fb and w/a connects you with people, a blog is more like a personal Notebook .

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  8. An important topic covered here. I agree word by word, with your reasoning here. I have never understood why there is a need to share every minute updates with people you hardly know. Like anyone cares where you’re dining, what your eating, what your wearing, or where you’re travelling to. A hundred stupid messages and jokes get a zillion likes and shares, share something important and no one’s bothered. Before WP happened to me, with FB, I always felt I was in a wrong place. It did not nurture my art, talent, in any way. WP gave me that platform. To be who I am, to meet with like-minded people and have such enriching conversations, that has benefited me in so many ways. I do like Twitter to some extent, but FB, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. are all out of my league. So I totally loved this post because it spoke my thoughts right out. And see the kind of responses you’ve had here! I’m sure you enjoyed reading and replying to them. Now, for a writer this is what makes sense and matters.
    Harsh. 🙂 Sorry for the tedious reading you had to do. 😛

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    1. Yes Asha, I share the similar concern. When I was using Facebook it happened with me as well. I was always clueless what to do with Facebook and why do people persistently keep on posting updates. I was rarely interested in what they did or with whom they did it with. I had some people along with me who were busy sharing the details of what they were doing. I found it amusing and highly disturbing to see people caring to share just to grab some eye balls. Initially when I had started blogging I used to share my work on Facebook for people to see and it was just ignored in plainsight. WordPress has given many people like me and you the platform worthy of the time and energy because it always gives back somethings to us.
      I love talking to people Asha, getting to know them fuels me to write even more.
      And with this I have taken my revenge. Hahahaha

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      1. Merlin’s beard! Mutual it is. I feel sorry for the FB-smitten folks for they shall never know the true pleasures of life such that lies in reading, writing, travelling and the likes. I may be greatly mistaken though. I am happy, by the by, for finding the universe I so sought. 🙂

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  9. Its very true about what you have expressed about blogging and writers. I am so lucky to come across this post of yours, as I just started to know the feeling and happiness that we get from blogging, and from the chit chat with various writers and bloggers around . Thank you and be blessed always.

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    1. I am so glad that you could get something from this post. Blogging is one sphere where you can be anything and usually nobody judges. You can be a writer, a poet, a musician anything and everything that you want. One can be overwhelmed by the amount of permutations one can have here. You’re welcome Sumax. Great to have you here. 🙂
      Take care.

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  10. Beautiful write-up Kumar. I feel that blog is like my child and with every new post in the blog, I feel that I am watching my child growing. 🙂

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