38 thoughts on “If she was music….. 

      1. I love classical music. Great post though you truly do have a gift of words. I can tell you’re starting to believe it more because you’re words feel as beautiful as your soul.

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      2. You’re welcome smiling Harsh, you remember to never stop believing in you. You’re full of poetic talent and a gifted story writer. Keep going we your readers look forward to so much more.

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      1. Oh yes, I had to dig out your blog as quite annoyingly my reader has stopped populating posts from writers I’d hate to miss. So yes, back with a bang. I’m enjoying all your posts.
        How’ve you been?

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  1. “Music was my first love
    And it will be my last,
    Music of the future
    And music of the past
    To live without my music
    Would be impossible to do,
    In this world of troubles
    My music pulls me through…”
    John Miles’s song “Music” says it all!
    I love music… may be classical is my favourite, anyway, I often associate music to souvenirs…

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    1. What a beautiful song Louise. I love these lyrics. Thank you so much for sharing.
      Music is pure love Louise. Classical is my favourite too but I do like to explore.
      What kind of souvenirs Louise..


      1. Love those melodies from Kishore Kumar, Mukesh,Muhammed Rafi era.Such soulful music and of course some from the present era too, of which I’m not quite familiar with the singers names.One such is the song “Pashmina” which really sweeps me off my feet 😊

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      2. I love those too Shahz. I listen to them all the time. I love the heavy use of instruments and the voice modulations they used to do.
        Pashmina is my favourite too alongwith fitoor of the same movie.
        Have you listened to Channa Mereya from Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. It’s a wonderful song. I think you may like it.

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