Our tribe…..


26 thoughts on “Our tribe…..

  1. Harsh may I reblog? This thought has me captivated and it feels as though it’s not through with me yet! And this photo that you added your text to which btw your words and the image work perfectly together…Where were you going? you know how I love my streets…is this a street you love?

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    1. You may Maureen. Whatever you want to do. 🙂
      Maureen I took this image before the start of a long journey that I had to take. This image is of the road I travel almost everyday but that day there was almost no traffic on it. That is the thing about that street that day….

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  2. Reblogged this on Sparkle and commented:
    Here is another blog I truly enjoy! Sometimes a post catches my eye and then hits me straight in the heart! I love this quote along with the night drive image…cant explain why really it just captured me and would not let me go! Im glad to have you here Harsh! Watching your writing and creative process flow these last couple of months inspires me, truly! XO!

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