A Sailor… 

The winds had thundered that day, 
As the earth trembled, 
And the oceans laid their chest bare open, 
When everyone took refuge in their homes, 
He took out his ship, 
Opened the mast up and high, 
Steered the little speck in the mighty sea, 
Towards the highest wave, 
That stood infront of him, 
As the ship climbed the wave, 
It reached the top, 
Rode the wave hard, 
It broke, it broke, it broke, 
The will of the sea, it broke, 
The wave caressed the ship down, 
Onto its chest, 
The ship had tasted blood, 
The boy had become a sailor…. 

43 thoughts on “A Sailor… 

      1. Hello Bhaiya,
        Handsome hu, aap batao!
        Accha jokes apart, I am really awesome bas fir se ye activities projects or assignments aa gye kale badlo ki trh, I just need some sunshine, I just need some rain, I just need another chance, I wanna grow up once again, nanananana…. haha sorry sorry…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Assignments mazedaar hote h, try to say the same thing being at my place, haha…
        Dil se handsome hu Bhaiya chahte ka pata nhi, par kya Kare ye zaalim duniya,
        Chehro ki jyada kadr hoti h dil Se jyada, haha…

        Liked by 1 person

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