46 thoughts on “Sunset..

  1. you and your one liners!!! sheesh…combine with that photo and truly you can set a person’s heart right off! So much poetry in the scene itself, even more in the one line! I love how you can do that! 🙂 !!!!!

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  2. Whoa!!! This view is so great.. Bhai I live in a hill station, surrounded by mountains but I’ve never seen anything like this.. That light in the clouds gives feeling of something magical.. And Quote ka to kya kehna.. Superb..😊😊

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    1. Arey bhai. Kya baat itne din baad. Kaise ho. Happy New Year bhai. Merry Christmas. Sab kuch bhai. Waah. Bdi khushi huyi to hear from you.
      I was at Triund on New Year. Yeh vahin ki photo hai.
      Wah bhai mza a gya.

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      1. Bhai mera joining extend ho gya.. Usike gum me tha bas..
        Happy new year, Merry Christmas, aapko bhi sub kuch bhai..
        Triund!! Great bhai.. Trust me ,Kamal ki photo hai..
        I really missed your posts, but today it was a treat to read your posts together…
        Now m good..How about you??

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