Mist Air…..

She was slowly diminished from his memory,

The words, the skin and all the roses red,

A century might have passed since I saw her,

He exclaimed while he strolled,

Her smell, her touch and oh god that beautiful hair,

Lost in the shadows among the unnamed,

She was still there,

But nowhere here,

They say time heals the worst of all scars,

She was his time and he was her mist air…….

2 thoughts on “Mist Air…..

  1. Again, thanks to my poor internet connection, the text loaded sooner than the image, giving me enough time read it all and then look at the pegions.
    I had an almost opposite imagery after reading your words (they were amazing) and after looking at them drinking water.
    Again, I failed to look beyond.

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  2. Bhai the best thing about writing is when the readers reads it, the writer gets to know so many new thoughts about the work which maybe he/she couldn’t have ever thought. Every new thought is wonderful bro and yours is just pure and sweet. You succeeded to look far and beyond bro, more than many people. 😁


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