The fire met the ocean….

As the winter set foot in the horizon,
The cold breeze of December gushing through the plains,
A song was about to play,
An act about to begin,
The routine was the order of the day,
But that day a vagabond wind had struck them in their peace,
A quick glance at each other,
All hell had broken loose,
The Universe shrunk,
So did their Space,
And as he lifted her in his arms,
Winter had started to retreat,
Just like when a Volcano meets an Ocean,
And turns her into steam,
The doors of her bedroom called their name,
Pulling them away from reality,
The present, the past, the future,
Time had lost all its meaning,
The room was their purple rose,
He carefully lay down her,
Onto the bed,
The bed that had their footprints,
Their marks, their scent,
The darkness had engulfed the sky,
Their room lit by their fire,
Shall I devour you tonight,
He had whispered in her soft ears,
As she lay helplessly on the bed,
She let escape a sigh of warm air,
That tickled his ears,
It was enough,
Enough to wake up thundering storms,
The sheets were a witness to the act,
The air had gone thin,
Senselessness and sensations ran amok,
Till they were out of breath,
They lied down besides each other,
As their breath started to come to them,
And looked into each others eyes,
The thunder grasped their hearts,
Swindled it through their chests,
And landed it on their lips,
That had locked for eternities in surreal bliss,
The storms had now subsided,
As she closed her eyes to sleep,
While he still adored her,
The greatest reward he could ever get,
Night slowly turned into day,
Their footprints still on the bed……..