The gods had turned down his request,
You shall not be allowed a death so chaste,
I was unaware, stupid and had a mast so high,
He begged with bleeding toes, cried with a sigh,
You shall walk the earth,
Until the day becomes dark,
The night red with your burning sins,
Rivers will stop to flow,
Civilisations turned to dust,
The crime you had committed on this soil so pure,
You shall repent for your days and beyond,
He listened, his mind had numbed that very moment,
For I shall reap what I had sowed,
Death, destruction and havoc I had created,
For fun I would kill a million sensations,
And on bodies of green my palaces would stand,
For I was a mind full of self pride,
As air has thinned,
Food has vanished from my plate,
I can understand what I have created,
A Devil that cannot be stopped,
Slowly rusting through the machinery of our clogs,
We say home can always be found,
But what’s a home without my friends so long,
So I shall exist until my days,
Exist with the guilt of a genocide that maimed the earth’s progressions,
For I am the curse that walks this soil,
For I will be the change this soil needs it all,
I’ll be worthy of heavens one day,
You’ll see O Gods,
For I’ll be the change this soil needs it all…..