He closed his eyes,
As the water slowly gripped his waist,
She held his hands as they shivered with cold,
No one was there to help,
Darkness slowly ate up any light,
And Moon was their only companion,
What will happen to us?
He asked as he struggled to stay still,
We will get through this,
She had commented,
Nothing can tear us apart,
We are the Gypsies of space,
Gravity fails on us,
We’ll fly and touch the skies,
Sooner than you can think,
She kissed him as he closed his eyes,
The water upto their chin,
Their hands still holding each other,
The rain had stopped the second day,
As water receded through the valleys,
The worst is over my love,
She said,
As they slowly moved out of the silt,
Don’t you ever let go off my hand,
He said as he thanked his stars,
I will not till the planets stop revolving around the sun,
And beyond,
We are gypsies of space,
We hold the power to let it create us,
Or turn us to dust,
Until you are mine,
And I am yours,
We shall overcome the hurdles,
The universe throws at us,
You be the sand,
And let me be the fire,
Our love will be glass,
Both coloured and crystalline…..

This is the 400th poem I have written. A feat I never thought I could achieve. Hope you enjoy this one. Thank you. 😇