Some dreams dead on their way home,
Some voices that couldn’t find their own echoes,
Sometimes the shadows of our past cloud our judgements,
The good, the bad, all suspended,
And ruin the sleep of many a goers,
The guilt that pulls us down,
What if,
The dilemma of the crown,
And we cringe sometimes for the futures unbirthed,
The present crumbling, diminished, blurry,
Its natural to feel this way,
Unaccomplished, confused, sad or heartbroken,
For even life took its time to nurture the Earth,
Billions of years and still unfurling,
Take a moment of rest,
Relax, unwind in the wild,
Pick yourselves up and those fallen down,
Don’t believe what they say,
This isn’t race or something to prove,
Believe in yourself to find the best for you,
Or let it stumble upon you over dinner,
Be content or stay curious,
You can win on your own timeline……

25 thoughts on “Timeline

  1. “Be content or stay curious,
    You can win on your own timeline”
    This summarises everything beautifully. Everyone takes their time to achieve their goals or to just contentment even! Life is not a race with anyone and we nothing to prove but ourselves!!🙌🙌

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    1. Indeed Nawaz. Duniya main already itna stress hai phir kyun ek aur stress add karna. Kai bar it’s unavoidable but one should learn to get back on their feet. Thank you for reading and commenting Nawaz. 😇

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    1. Oh it is. You feel the fire and water at the same time, as contentment gives you peace and curiosity drives you insane. But these two are the fuel to dreamers, to poets and the writers like us all. 😇. Thank you for reading and commenting Nikita. 😇

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  2. That was so beautiful allowing for all of our emotions we have and embracing them while they are lovingly cared for; finding their way in their own time.
    I LOVE THE line or over dinner.. it was such a nice break in the poem and something we can all relate to. nice. ❤️

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    1. What a beautiful way to put it Cindy. 😍😍😘 Sometimes atleast for me dinner or food in general solves most of my anxiety. I am an anxious eater and it sometimes gets the best of me. Haha. But its better to let something soothe you than let is eat you alive, sometimes. How are you Cindy? Are the fires controlled. How’s your dad? How’s everyone at home. 😇

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      1. Glad you liked my thoughts Kumar. Dinner is such a nice way to wind down after the day. I agree! It’s the time I can let go and take in the nourishment of the food and conversation. Yes, it’s true, it’s not what you eat but what’s eating you and it’s nice it takes away your anxiety. For heavy people it can be the kiss of death though so I tell them go for a walk instead.. lol. I’m doing well today, mildly agitated, and cleared through a LOT of stuff. Fire is 26 % contained, My Dad is in heaven I think as he’s never eaten better speaking of food. lol. We had a good conversation. I’m a bit raw actually with so much releasing of emotions. Everyone else seems pretty good. Thanks for asking. How are you Kumar?

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      2. Hahaha. I can understand Cindy. I have been eating once a day to avoid my love affair with food. Hahaha. Wow really glad to hear about him. Did he learn that game your son was teaching him? I am good Cindy. 😇

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  3. Beautifully written, Harsh. It is so very important to embrace the individual exceptionality in ourselves. No two people walk the same path, so it makes no sense to draw a comparison. I love how you have portrayed the emotions here!

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