60 thoughts on “Dreams

    1. Thank you Ma’am. I wrote this one thinking how sometimes somethings pull us back, making us helpless sometimes. It can be as well a story of defeat and escape as accepting a defeat may be the only way to escape something that can be avoided for our own benefit. Or it can be anything worse. Giving up on dreams is like killing one’s own soul and what’s a man without any soul. Thank you Ma’am for your insight.

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  1. Very powerful poetry Kumar. I’m still laughing and questioning what you and Nawish are laughing so much about. I may have to get my friend to interpret. That was some slumber land sleep you had taking you to far off places. It’s so true that sometimes we have to accept where we are to escape it. Keep dreaming as they take us where we need to go! ❤️

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    1. Thank you Cindy. 😇 We were talking about her college. She’s in final year of her college and I had remarked that she must be attending online classes at home which would be easy considering she was at home. To which she said that it was a punishment 😂😂. Further I asked if her college would open soon and that her graduation would happen online. She was pretty bummed. Hahaha😂😂😝
      Indeed Cindy. Thank you for Such thoughtful insight Cindy. 😇 You too. ❤️

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      1. Oh I can understand. Bas give your best there. Don’t think about what will happen next. Ho sake toh relax before. Talk to AuntyJi. It really helps. Believe in your preparation. Sab kuch sahi hoga. You rock. 😇

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