Act Divine….

Hello there, the following is something I am trying my hands at and maybe the first one I have made public. This maybe a little too sensitive for the readers who still aren’t adult. My apologies for the same. Please skip this if you aren’t an adult. Thank You. May you enjoy reading.

Cruising along her highways green,
He had stumbled upon a cave,
The cave littered with the orbs ancient,
Pieces of her heart buried along milestones,
For long her highway was used,
Travellers stopped and proceeded,
Looked and used,
Never to return,
Never to repair,
He slowly stopped himself,
Onto the entrance pristine,
As he had thought,
For him the cave was a sanctuary,
Away from reality,
Nirvana, Moksha, Tranquility,
As he kissed her caves,
Her moist lips,
Soft, sunken, taken for granted,
Clouds brought thunderstorm with them,
Flooded with the first rain,
Their kiss seemed an oasis,
Magma had started to flow,
Taking over them,
Taking over her snowy, igneous body,
Unloved, unkempt, uneven,
Centuries passed in a whiplash,
Entangled in one another,
They slowly unraveled each other,
As she became a Chimera,
And he learnt to tame her,
Only for that moment,
He took off her vegetation,
And his asphalt,
As they lay disrobed,
In arms of one another,
The heat had risen to celsius in thousands,
His lengths concealed in her Volcanoes,
Intertwined together for eternities,
They made love to one another,
And filled the valleys with rivers,
That reflected the colour of their skies,
Blue and red,
Eons had passed as they moved from galaxies to galaxies,
And the hustling of their riveting parts,
They stopped when their cores ran dry,
And Happiness in their eyes,
Her caves were explored,
And his curiosity satisfied,
Lying naked in arms of one another,
They looked at the stars,
Witness to their act divine,
They smiled and nodded in acknowledgment,
As he watched her,
And she turned his head towards him,
Again their act had begun,
For her navel carried secrets,
He hadn’t explored,
His lengths knew stories,
She had never heard…..