Drifting aimlessly through furrows of my past,
If someday I get lost,
Call my name with all the love you got,
For anything less wouldn’t reach my heart,
Breathe the winds slowly and moist,
The warmth will drive the frost away,
And sing me lullabies as I become deaf,
Melodies mixed with a tumbler of blood,
The dry veins and the sunken lungs,
I will if not today reach you someday,
Feet burning, stubble in a disarray,
The rivers, they carry my body,
Tries to sink but stays afloat,
I will if not today see you someday,
Meet you over plantations of coffee,
To bury the scents of my crimes,
Take my hand, do not refuse,
And guide me to the lights supreme,
For I am lost or will be soon,
Is it today or tomorrow or a year ago,
I will find you someday,
Lest my memory doesn’t betray…..

49 thoughts on “Memory….

  1. So beautiful Kumar and I would call your name so loud so you could feel the love that would bring you back in a nano second!!! So don’t you ever think that you could get away that easy. I will sing you a lullaby and rock you till the blood fills your sunken lungs to carry you back. We will drink coffee, share stories of those loves you’ve lost while you pluck the guitar. You have so much art in your language and poetry!!!!~ Really beautiful!!! ❤️

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    1. Wow Cindy. Thank you so much for being here. Your every word always make me smile and look at the brighter side of things. Thank you so much for saying these wonderful things. I cannot express through these words how blessed I feel to have received your love. Thank you Cindy. 😇😇😍🥰❤️

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      1. You are so welcome Kumar and I’m happy to hear you are smiling! That puts a smile on my face too… so thank you! That’s because you look fir the pony under the manure if you will! Most people don’t… You are most welcome and deserving Kumar!
        I’m glad it reached your heart in the way it was intended-:)
        Bless you!!!

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  2. Woww…it is such a deep poem… beautifully penned…👍👍…it is absolutely true that past is the biggest weakness of anybody, and it can mend as well as break the same person through various emotions…👍👍👍

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