Beware for  a day will come,
Burning on the pyre of emotions,
My heart will stop,
Silences will become my act explicit,
And the words a distant dream,
For the pith in me,
And the spirit driving my vessel,
Will find the Northern Lights,
I’ll be your captive,
Until Then…..

31 thoughts on “Captive……

    1. Indeed Yeshu. Moving over someone is hardest thing to achieve. Especially the relationships closest to you, like best friends. It takes time and effort to try and divert your attention away from someone you once loved and respected and in a way still do. 😇

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  1. That’s beautiful Kumar and sometimes it’s worse the death of emotions to overcome because, you know somewhere they are out there. When someone pyhsically diies, there is a closure in a sense because you can’t bring them back even though they live in your heart. Really nicely written. ❤️

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  2. The way you portrayed death and the emotions dying with it, it so deep. I loved you poem. And greatful that I got in touch with all of your poems. I would have read all at once, if it wasn’t late night for me here.

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    1. Thank you so much Nova. I am really glad that these works of my here were worthy of your amusement. I am grateful to you as well for leaving such a wonderful comment here. It definitely made me smile. Read them whenever you get the chance, like small, little sips of whiskey, they’ll definitely hit your senses. 😇
      Thank you again. Have a great day. Good Morning. 😇


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