She burned through the night,
As he slowly disobeyed her every rule,
Drinking the nectar of passion,
Soaked in sweat sweet,
He let her fall,
And turned her on again,
Losing breaths here and after,
They stopped for a sip of water,
And a puff of cigarette,
The air intoxicated as well,
The flicker of the bulb too,
Annihilation seemed inevitable now,
But she, she wanted more……

24 thoughts on “Smoke….(explicit)

    1. 😇. Thank you Akshita. What’s the use of my words if these can’t even skip a heartbeat. 😇.
      Isn’t that the beauty of intimacy? 😇

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Hope you are well. 😇

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      1. Yeasss, you are right…!😊
        That is the very beauty of intimacy, of the words we put in the form of a poetry, of you..!🌹

        Thanks to you for sharing such a piece..!🙂
        The way you portrayed words and feelings is so awesome…!

        And yes, I’m doing quite well..! 🙂
        How about you?😅

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  1. Very well written evoking passion Kumar!!
    I loved it!~ Well to be completly honest except for the cigarette smoke.. since it’s my job to get people to quit to prolong their lives.. but then your poem wouldn’t be the same.. lol. ❤️Cindy

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    1. Thank you Cindy. 😇
      I can understand about your concern about smoke. It’s really addictive and convenient. You do an excellent job at keeping you and other people fit, both mentally and physically. 😍😍
      Indeed. I wanted to include smoke in this one because smoke signifies so much more. The heat, the tension, morphing into something new. 😅 I apologise if it offended you in any way. 😇
      Great to hear your feedback Cindy. Sleep well. 😇


      1. You are welcome Kumar.. I LOVE the poem don’t get me wrong by any means and NO offense taken. So much of the population smokes and your poem definitely needed the heat and tension like yo say…. It truly had nothing to do you your beautiful poem and I most likely should have left it out so I’m sorry if I offended you in any way.!!! When possible I support people quiting smoking and I know in lots of countries it is the norm but there are health risks which is what concerns me. One client finally quit after nagging her for 6 years before but still developed lung cancer. 😥However, she survived which is so rare. They took one lung out and she is doing excetpionally well and the doctors in awe of her strength and workouts but is high risk with the fires. I’m probobly oversensitive right now and you’re my friend so I shared from my honest reaction. Big hugs, 🤗

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      2. Cindy I am so glad that you shared this with me. We take smoking so casually and most of the times people associate it with being cool so much that we forget what it does to our body. I am so glad that you shared this incredible journey with me. I am so happy for your client. I hope she is doing okay. It’s okay to be sensitive Cindy and I feel honoured that you could share this with me. In a way we are both similar. I get too oversensitve sometimes that it overwhelms me and those around me. But i guess that’s okay because sometimes we feel things that others might ignore. We stay true to our human self. And thats a good thing Cindy. You never ever have to worry about being sensitive with me or saying things that go inside your mind. I know how it feels to have someone just to listen without any judgements whatsoever. If you feel like someday that I have made you feel in a way that you have to keep your true opinions away from me, please let me know because I will mend that. I look forward towards hearing opinions about things I do because feedback makes one better. We cannot always live in a bubble. If you consider me as your friend, I think that’s a big reward in itself. Thank you so much Cindy and I will gladly repay this honour. ❤️😇
        You never have to worry about saying things to me Cindy. I don’t get offended easily. 😇

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      3. I’m happy to hear it wasn’t offensive to you and you were open to hearing my thoughts Kumar. We can have those convo’s offline as I never want it to interrupt your incredible poetry and it’s rich and important delivery. You are right about people thinking it’s cool until there are serious consequences. Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs and so hard to quit so if I can get one person to stop or better yet, never start, I have done my part to help. Thanks for the good wishes to my client. It’s a remarkable story and she’s doing well, thanks. But I would be wise to do a post about that instead as a stand alone. Thank you for being so kind, sensitive and open to feedback. This was a side note and in no way about your poem as I know you know. Thanks for being the very kind hearted and understanding person you are. Thank you for your great poem and clarification!!! ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏

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