I am drunk and won’t call you today,
For my fingers reach my phone,
And I see your pictures,
My memories tingle my senses dead,
Your lips drive me crazy as they did before,
Soaked in your nectar sweet,
I would rip off your shirts as I did before,
And caress the deserts hit by drought,
Talk to you about your day,
Or the parts of your body that drive me insane,
And kiss you again for I want to love you,
Give myself and more to you,
But I stop as my mind plays games with me,
I cannot think anything but the thought of making love to you,
My stomach full of feelings kept in for too long,
But I look at your pictures,
And imagine the things I would do to you,
The alcohol keeps me sane these days,

35 thoughts on “Drunk

      1. I think that would make a fine art installation. And you take fantastic photographs, so find some pencils and take a lover by the hand. You should definitely write when you’re sober. 💚🍏

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      2. Hahaha. No no this isn’t my first time but this is definitely the first time I have used the help of autocorrect to write something. Haha. These emotions I knew would go the next day, tomorrow as I absolve myself in routine. My head is definitely spinning and I have called all of my guy friends and told them how much I love them. Haha. But this piece although not perfect is true. Maybe you could relate. 😇

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      3. You’re a caring person who is surrounded by people who care for you so consider yourself fortunate. It’s difficult to enjoy a drink with your friends at the moment but please don’t use it as a method of escape. Your writing is your method. Let it all out.

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      4. Yes I do Lily. Just that when you get drunk the feelings subsided inside sometimes speak back to you again. It was a happy occasion today. It was my friend’s birthday and I forgot to wish him. But as soon as I saw the calendar I rushed to his home and we had some drinks together. See, the thing is I sometimes get too emotional for I don’t like to hide my feelings. We talked for almost nine hours over some beers and I realised how 27 years have passed and how we unexpectedly found each other and our little group who are strongly bonded than ever before. One of my friend is getting married and that’s when the dam broke and every love story that we have ever lived solely or maybe in cognition came crashing down. Alcohol has never been a method of escape and I hope it never turns out to be for I have seen my close friends destroy their lives because of it. This piece today is my appreciation to all my love stories that I lived either solely or in cognition with the others. You are too great Lily thank you. 😍😍😇

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      5. Indeed Lily. 😇 I haven’t cried over a girl still and I hope that if that day comes, she’ll become my significant other. 😇😇☺️☺️ My liver maybe he can take a beating once a month. 😜😇

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  1. Good Morning Kumar,
    Hope the hangover wasn’t too bad or it was to keep you on the straight and narrow. 🤣.
    It’s probably best you didn’t in a drunken stooper. It sounds like a great time with your friends…almost like a bachelor party. New loves are on the horizon or old ones transformed as new. I agree with Seabiscuit… you are young with many more loves and memories to make!
    Loved your comment “write poetry on skin”!!! Take care ❤️ Cindy

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    1. Hahaha. The previous day, it was just a feeling. But jab yeh likha tha toh I missed wishing my friend his birthday. Bas milne gya tha and one thing let to another and came up with this post and blacked out. 😅😅😝

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