I put my car in sixth gear,
Engine screaming at its peak,
The wind desperate to get inside the cabin,
Hissing past every speed-alert,
I know it’s unsafe,
Driving recklessly,
On a highway that doesn’t go anywhere,
Had some exits many kilometres back,
My muscles, they stay locked in position,
For they think they have control,
My body rolls with every turn,
Every speed breaker, pothole that comes my way,
And as my car blinks for the fuel that isn’t enough,
I release my foot off the accelerator,
Slowing down, looking at the grasslands,
Admiring the beauty that didn’t ever stumble upon me,
A small bump comes up on the highway,
My senses come back to me,
And I accelerate,
For one last time…..

42 thoughts on “Accelerate…

    1. Indeed Cindy. Sometimes we wanna run away from situations and sometimes towards something. But whatever it maybe the case the journeys is always beautiful. Thank you for your lovely comment Cindy. Was your problem solved? 😇

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      1. Yes, indeed!!! The journey is the gift alright and teaches us so much.
        No, I’m afraid that is part of the template that can’t be changed.. It’s not perfect but I’m learning to go with the flow. Thanks again. ❤️ C

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  1. What a co incident I with my family was traveling by car yesterday for 10 hours and you have expressed all my experiences of journey exactly what I felt. You are really a great writer Bro 👍🏻👍🏻😀💕 keep it up.

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  2. Where can one drive in India without running into a 100 potholes on a short stretch? Where are these roads? 😉
    Let me not take away from the metaphors by harping on the practicalities. I hope the beauty of the grasslands soothed your soul and u came back safe and rejuvenated.

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    1. Indeed Manju. Potholes define our roads. 😭😭 But I consider myself lucky for I live in Chandigarh and potholes are a rarity here. 😍😍. Also the speed limit is 50kmph so if we encounter them, they are ignored. Haha.
      Yes Manju, a drive really gives me relief. It’s one thing iI really love. Thank you so much for reading and commenting.
      Hope you are well. 😇


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