Speak out

Talk to me and speak out,
I see rivers as they are,
And the valleys that deepen,
For I’ll be the same for you,
Clear as sky,
And smooth as the Gin,
The strings that pull us,
Together sometimes,
Might break us apart,
If they aren’t plucked often,
For they lose their tension,
And maintain status quo,
Communication is the key,
To the already thick padlock of emotions,
We keep buried inside ourselves,
For the world to see us brave,
Stronger than the rock,
I promise I’ll be weak for you,
Spill the beans of things that go wrong,
Or the ones that gives me wings,
For I want you to stay forever,
With me in my arms,
Talk to me and speak out,
As I listen and maybe smile or cry along….

30 thoughts on “Speak out

  1. Communication has always proved and will always prove its worth 👏
    And these are so beautiful lines, n i must say one might need strong emotional feelings & guts to say few of the lines😊
    Very well written 🌼👌

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    1. Indeed Aushi. But when one does this, I believe they are the most courageous of all and they lift a burden far too heavy for a single person to carry. But it all depends on the listener.
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting Aushi. Hope you are good. 😇

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    1. I can understand the way you feel. In a way we have felt this at some points of our lives. I like to believe that all the people or the experiences they stay with us in one form or the other. The memories and whatever they taught us-good or bad. They might not be in any physical form but they do remain in our minds. Staying forever maybe a myth but staying together isn’t. You hold on to those you never wanna let go. Maybe they do. But you try your hardest.
      Thank you for reading Sandhya and sharing your insight. 😇
      Hope you are well. 😇


  2. Beautifully written Kumar. Yes, it is so important in life to have your feelings and thoughts heard. Every relationship has so much to teach you if you stay open to the gifts received. There are ups and downs.. peeks and valleys like you say. The truth is each is reflected back at us to see where we still need to grow and learn about ourselves and our attachments. Love the new pic and great shirt. ❤️ Cindy

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    1. Indeed Cindy. We make relationships so hard, whereas they are just about communicating. Also, It’s good to have teachers like you. 😇 thank you so much for the compliment. 😇 I am glad you liked this. 😇❤️

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