I don’t need words,
For words sometimes betray the meaning,
My inhibitions carry in their belly,
Mixed with scenes of confusion,
They belch out my insecurities among people,
That pretend to know me,
And mock the serenity that seldom touches my chest,
I would for a moment want the coherence of my mind with my body,
My fingers shake as they kiss the paper,
Drenched in sweat of my vulnerabilities,
The slow poison that visits me at night,
Sometimes even in the light of day,
And I put on a mask,
A suit perfect,
Bvlgari in my neck and wrists,
I face my demons,
For they are my very own…..

28 thoughts on “Demons…

  1. Such honest truth you manifested as witness to your hearts vulnerabilities where inhibition’s lie. I do hope serentity is felt as you sleep dear friend where no masks are needed and you awake refreshed after putting your demons to rest. You are a gift. ❤️🙏❤️ Cindy

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  2. 🤗 Ironically, one has to feel secure and safe to talk about insecurities. I believe the masks of this specific, troubling period in our timeline are a physical manifestation of social masks we are forced to put on. Now we can escape scrutiny and hide our true expressions with little effort. Also: Love the hair. 🌼

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    1. Indeed Lily. You have to be comfortable in your own skin to be able to talk this through. Sometimes situations speak for you, sometimes someone familiar or unfamiliar helps you to open up. 😇
      What true lines Lily. Indeed. The masks now days are a relief for an introvert such as me. I can escape the pleasantries and go about my business. 😇
      The hair was in a mess in this picture and I think I was travelling to some place. 😇 I am glad that you did Lily. Thank you so much. 😇

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  3. “for they are my very own,” WOW! Indeed, these demons try to ebb away every inch of positivity and happiness within us, but we must fight and not let them. That’s the difficult part. I love this poem, Harsh. Beautiful ✨

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