My first love…..

My mother lives in a dream,
Everyday she wakes up,
She watches me run for her ankles,
For they bleed of her smiles,
That she lost while bringing food for me,
Only to create castles in stone,
The foundation of which her desires,
I will always be her prince,
The one true worthy of her love magnanimous,
But I sometime wake up,
From slumbers of years,
The inertia that pulls me down,
And growls at me when I wear my shoes,
I work with all the force thats left in me,
For I want her smile never to fade,
And widen with each passing day,
She will be the first love,
Always be and till the eternities,
Till I can remember,
And do the stars,
The castle she etched in stone,
And the dreams she cast in thrones…..

My eyes shall always see,
The hero of my dreams,
The one that carried me in his arms,
And took me to places high,
I rode his shoulders,
And sometimes his heels,
I was his princess and will always be,
He brought me daisies, tea pots and ponies of wood,
The little escapades away from the school,
And cried when my heart broke alongwith the doll,
He carried me and my dreams,
On his shoulders wider than the world,
He will be my love the first,
The one who could never break my heart…..

For a boy his mother is and will always be his first love. The one who understood him even before he could say anything. She cared for him when he wasn’t easy and when he might have taken her for granted. No one can replace that position. A mother will never ask anything in return. Just a smile and her day is made.

For a girl, her father is and will always be her first love, her hero, her prince charming. She will always measure the amount of love that she gets from the world by how her father portrayed for her. No one can love a girl more than her father because he never expected anything from her.

From my experience, if both the partners can understand this simple fact, life would be so much easier for them. A girl can never take the place of her partner’s mother and a boy can never love a girl the way her father did. They can only try to replicate what they get from each other and if one is lucky, maybe she gets a man raised by a queen and he gets a girl honed by a lion. Just respecting, taking each other’s parents as their own will do the trick. Together they write the perfect love story, imperfect though perfect. Loyalty comes from both ways and it stays if we work for it, put in effort, sometimes easy as saying that I love you and sometimes difficult when the real, true face without any masks, any mascara, uncensored, real comes knocking you out. But we stay, for our mothers and fathers taught us, good things come when you work for them. Rome wasn’t built in a day….

Me with my mother..

29 thoughts on “My first love…..

  1. Many a times, harsh… i had placed a comment on your post highlighting few lines that make me to stop for a while(although your whole post remains just wow) but this time, i literally can’t resist the fact and feelings that each line carried with itself, 🍃👌👌
    Each and every line was felt, and that last paragraph😪along with the picture😊 just made the whole post..Absolutely epic..👌👌
    Stay safe, healthy and happy and do take care of your family😊😊…

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  2. This is so much love. Unconditional. Selfless. Warm. Comforting. A smile never left my face while reading it. Keep loving your mummy the way you do. Moms are special. Moms are crazy. And Dads? Dads are our lifeboats, our teddy bears, our heroes.

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    1. Thank you so much Manju. 😇 indeed moms are special. They are on of a kind and every mom tries to give their child the best of everything. And dad just like you said are our heroes, the umbrella that keeps us away from the sun. 😍😇😇

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  3. What a treasured gift for your Mom and Dad toofrom yo u Kumar! I do hope you frame this poem along with the beautiful picture of you and your mom and. gift it to her!!!! It is so tender and heart warming as you captured perfectly, the essence of a Mothers Love for her son. We are fierce when it comes to our children I’m so happy you have that special bond that can never be replaced. When people marry, they would do well to read this and remember so they can save theselves a lot of needless jealously and aggravation, that too often happens. Hugs to you and hugs to your mom and dad for raising a caring, sensitive, loving young man. ❤️ Cindy

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  4. A beautiful ode to your mother, Harsh! This is so beautiful. Your words brought a smile to my face. The emotions, sentiments and the essence of this poem is so powerful. The love from a parent is irreplaceable, indeed. ✨✨

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  5. Harsh, A lovely poem that rings true. I can vouch for the fact that you want to stay on the good side of your inlaws!

    The photo of you with your mother is priceless…such a beautiful woman! You are fortunate to have grown up in a family where people love and care for each other. My mother always told me to watch how a man treated his mother because that is how he would treat his wife. I think that was good advice. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thank you so much Cheryl for this lovely comment and reading through the poem.
      I hope maybe I could stand upto your expectations. 😇
      Every word of what you have said is true and it’s really great advice, something I’ll take with me everywhere I go.
      I am really glad that you liked this picture of us, I will surely tell my mother this. 😇
      Have a great weekend you too. Stay safe. 😇

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