I walk…

Dissolved in the fabric of time,
If you cannot find me,
Or hear my voice,
As I try to build myself from scratch,
Every time a storm ravages my shores,
And renders them inhabitable,
Pieces of my past on display,
For the entire world to see,
Scandalous, blasphemous, indigestible,
Currently rotting, desperate for attention,
Forget me for this is not me,
For I dissolve to create sands,
That travel and perpetuate synthetically,
I lose myself sometimes, most of the times, all the times,
In search for stories a treasure to me,
For I see castles in sand and mountains in air,
My body is my prison,
As it loses to chains that are these expectations,
And cohorts with the malice this mind sometimes breeds in my heart,
Born out of incest, taboo, and what brings me down most of the times,
But I bleed sweat of the color red,
That stains my wounds and covers my bruises,
And fuels the machinery of my legs,
Sometimes sores in my foot,
The scorching earth wasn’t kind,
But I walk and walk and run sometimes,
And I see the sun shining behind the clouds,
That sings of songs in my glory,
My footprints in the mud,
And sand in my eyes,
I walk and walk and run sometimes,
For nobody can stop me except the poison of my thought…..

38 thoughts on “I walk…

  1. This is so powerful Kumar. Such sins of the earth, terror that cuts and bruises while you walk run and find solace, with your soothing words of truth! Your poem so beautifully delivered empowers the world and are much needed in a world of such pain and injustice. I love that you move mountains and move to the light. There is always light! I know because I know you. Be well my dear friend. ❤️ Cindy

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    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment Cindy. Yes, sometimes we feel like putting our guards down because we want to rest. It’s perfectly acceptable to do that. And we should if possible try to restart what we left. You are amazing Cindy. Thank you again. 😇

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  2. … “And I see the sun shining behind the clouds,
    That sings of songs in my glory,”..
    Got stuck for a while.. Nature do provides the real healing powers 😊
    So well written 👏

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  3. Our mind can restrict and chain us or liberate and free us. It can be a very powerful force so yes, nobody can stop u except the poison of your thought. Brilliant imagery!
    There’s only one little thing i didn’t get- For I dissolve to create sands,
    That travel and perpetuate synthetically
    Help me with this.

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    1. Thank you so much Manju and I am really glad that you asked this. 😇
      Its that how we sometimes lose parts of ourselves while evolving that sometimes do come back to us or stay along the journey to self improvement. Sands were created out of weathering of rocks or by action of rivers. These weathering forces just like life change us for the better or the worst. We always carry them in our memories, the older self and sometimes relate them with the new us.
      Thank you again for reading. 😇

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  4. Incredible use of imagery Kumar!
    Sometimes its our own ideologies and the concepts we surrender our minds to that can move us from a bad place to a better one, or it can remove the enthusiasm we possess and cause us to stand still; not progressing.
    Lovely poem 💚

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    1. Indeed Joel. We are a prisoner of our imaginations sometimes. Thank you so much for your insight. It really adds to this little work of mine. I am glad that you liked this one. Hope you are well. 😇

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  5. A beautifully composed piece of poetry! There are tragedies and sorrows and sins that we are surrounded by. They bring us down, destroy us. However, it’s in times like these, that we find the urge to move forward towards betterment inside us. Powerful! ✨

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