I dream of palaces big,
Those that have carpets exquisite,
And behold in them secrets of ages,
Ugly and sweet,
I sometimes dream of lovers,
That carry me to orchards of apples,
The mesmerising scent of the fresh apple juice,
Sweet and sour,
This wretched heart of mine sometimes weep,
When a song close to it comes next in my playlist,
Blasting through my ears onto my mind,
Triggering the emotions kept well intact in it,
But I have a tendency to overcome that emotion,
Maybe the next song takes me to a place serene,
I lay down my guard and let it work through,
The ravines that had dried eons ago,
And I sow seeds of love in places,
Where fire had turned the petals to ash,
The sky turned amber and the wind terrifying,
Music brings me relief,
The rain does to the scorching land,
I cry, I laugh and sometimes dance to the tunes of jazz,
They fuel my soul,
The sun to the sunflower……..

27 thoughts on “Sunflower

  1. What a beautiful poetic dance with words and music you have shared Kumar. Spoken with such sensivity that you share with your readers and friends. Truly life is all facets and continues to move and change as we dream and create life’s desires into fruition! ❤️ Cindy

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  2. Harsh, A beautiful poem! ” I sow seeds of love in places, where fire had turned the petals to ash.” is especially lovely!

    There is music for our every mood. It’s true, as the old saying goes “Music hath charms…”
    Wishing you a very melodious day, and lots of sweet songs in your future!

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